Experiences and advances in university transformation workshop

September 5-7 2019

The workshop on Experiences and Advances on University Transformation was set to share the commitment and advances to higher educational change among the project’s partners, as well as to strengthen and scale-up the transformation of higher education efforts globally in response to challenges of the 21st century.

Find in this page a list of the presentations and videos if available for your research purposes.

GCHERA Institutions Commitment to Change: Visions, experiences and lessons learned.

  1. Building Transformation Catalysers in Africa.
  2. Asian Association of Agricultural Collegesand Universities (AAACU).
  3. EARTH University’s academic program.
  4. Improving the Quality of Agricultural Education at the High School level by EARTH and Zamorano.
  5. College of Agriculture Transformational Experiences by Purdue University.
  6. Experience of the Technological Institute of Higher Education on the Implementation of changes as part of the Transforming Higher Education Project.


Also, find in this link the general agenda of the event and the summary after the workshop.