Conkal Test
Jorge Gamboa
Project Facilitator, Transforming Higher Education Technological Institute of Conkal

"As the facilitator of the 'Transforming Higher Education' project at the National Technological Institute of Mexico in Conkal, I am proud of the achievements since its launch in 2019, including increased enrollment, reactivation of productive areas, and reduced dropout rates. This project has revolutionized the educational experience at our institution by focusing on developing human resources as resilient agents of change, with leadership skills, ethical values, and an entrepreneurial spirit."

Daniel Test
Daniel Alberto Pantí González
Teacher, Project Coordinator, Transforming Higher Education Technological Institute of Higher Education of Hopelchén

"Our institution has experienced significant changes thanks to our commitment to educational transformation, reflected in increased student participation and engagement, as well as closer collaboration between administrative and teaching staff. We highlight the focus on implementing new educational practices that prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century, promoting a more experiential and participatory education that not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also develops practical skills and fosters ethical leadership and community engagement."

Mario Ben-Hur Chuc
Program Coordinator, Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Engineering Technological Institute of Higher Education of Calkiní

"The Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Engineering program at the Technological Institute of Higher Education of Calkiní stands out for its innovative approach thanks to the implementation of the Transforming Higher Education Project and the Five Elements of Success. The integration of experiential learning, community projects, and sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship redefines higher education, preparing students not only as competent professionals but also as ethical and visionary leaders. This program is key to successfully addressing current and future challenges in sustainable agricultural innovation."

Michel Chancy
Michel Chancy
Professor, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Université Quisqueya

"We approached Transforming Higher Education to learn from successful models of other universities, especially in experiential learning and business management. Through established contacts and workshops, we have obtained valuable information that has undoubtedly helped us replicate in our curriculum. It has been a learning experience from which we have gained a lot."

Yanine Chan
Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs EARTH University

"For EARTH University, the Transforming Higher Education Project is an opportunity to showcase our academic model in different educational spaces in various regions. Social and environmental commitment, experiential and student-centered learning, values-based leadership, and entrepreneurship are some of the elements addressed in the different forums and activities we do. There is no doubt that there is more to be done, but the path is the right one: to contribute to the formation of leaders with ethical values who will contribute to sustainable development and build a prosperous and just society."

Ammar Olabi
Dr. Ammar Olabi
Interim Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences American University of Beirut

"Education is one of the best tools for inducing social change, and the impact of universities goes beyond the cognitive aspect to lay the groundwork for transformative change for ethical leaders and problem solvers who can positively contribute to improving their communities. The American University of Beirut (AUB) and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) have a long history of experiential and community-centered learning, and a commitment to graduating committed change agents who can have an impact on local, regional, and global challenges."

John Kennelly
President Emeritus, GCHERA Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

"We hope to convince more financial partners that investing in higher education is important to prepare citizen leaders who can contribute to solving the problems afflicting humanity, including an integrated approach to food and nutritional security that is environmentally respectful. For students, we want to enhance their educational experience and preparation to enter the world, in their careers, their jobs, and their role as citizens."

Zaglul test
José Zaglul
Founding President, EARTH University President, GCHERA

"GCHERA leads the Transforming Higher Education project in collaboration with the American University of Beirut and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, drawing inspiration from the teaching model of EARTH University. Its goal is to implement changes in pilot universities and others interested in promoting social good, addressing the frustration of some institutions unable to integrate experiential learning, entrepreneurship, and ethical values into their educational models. GCHERA is committed to helping universities understand their role in shaping ethical leaders and contributing to the world with a focus on socially responsible and environmentally respectful business."

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