To drive educational transformation and promote community engagement, the Technological Institute of Hopelchén has undertaken a significant process of institutionalizing the 5 Elements of Success. In an exclusive interview with Daniel Alberto Panti González, representative of the Transforming Higher Education project, details of this ambitious plan were revealed.

The project aims to integrate the principles of success into every aspect of student and community life, embracing innovation and ethics as fundamental pillars.

“The idea of institutionalizing these elements arose in response to the need to establish clear guidelines within the institution. To achieve this, a gradual process was implemented involving all areas of the institute, from administration to teachers, and especially students,” says Pantí.

FOOTER: The institution has installed posters and other information all around campus to make the elements of success visible for everyone.

The process included creating technical sheets for each activity, specifying which element of success it aligned with. Initially, this generated doubts and debates among participants, but over time, the institutionalization of this approach became more evident, reaching an impressive 90% of technical sheets linked to the elements of success.

Daniel highlighted that the journey was not without challenges. Initial resistance, especially among teachers, required a gradual approach to involve all key players in the process. Induction courses for new students and constant feedback in academic meetings contributed to consolidating acceptance and understanding of the initiative.

Regarding results, Daniel mentioned that while the pandemic posed obstacles in communicating achievements to students, there was a positive impact on enrollment retention. However, the Hopelchén team is working on more thoroughly documenting these results.

“We are a relatively small institute, the youngest within the entire network of institutes of the National Technological Institute of Mexico—and we’re including our three careers: administration, sustainable agricultural innovation, and systems engineering,” Pantí concludes.

On an emotional and cultural level, the goal is for students to become agents of change in their communities. The aim is that upon graduation, they not only carry academic knowledge but also a strong sense of social responsibility and ethics. The hope is that the bonds between the institute and surrounding communities strengthen, generating a lasting impact.

With short, medium, and long-term plans, the Hopelchén Technological Institute seeks to consolidate the institutionalization of the 5 Elements of Success, ensuring that this initiative transcends individuals and endures over time. The goal is clear: to transform higher education not only in academic terms but also as a positive force in society and local communities.