Training begins at the Indigenous Children’s House

The training program at the Indigenous Children’s House (CNI) in Maxcanu has begun thanks to the Transforming Higher Education project, developed by the National Technological Institute of Mexico Campus Conkal.

During the session, 92 young people from the CNI were trained in techniques for cultivating vegetable species such as radish, cilantro, and beetroot for their daily consumption. The aim is to enhance their autonomy through marketing, from the exchange of fresh products to practice of buying and selling.

Five students from the institution, members of the first student brigade for community engagement, oversaw organizing activities to reinforce feedback scenarios, reflection, co-responsibility, respect, teamwork, and technical cultivation skills.

In addition to supporting communities, student participation in such projects allows for the development of essential soft skills for personal, but above all, professional success. This time, the brigade was able to execute dynamics from leadership and coordination.

The program is expected to last for four months, during which the crops will be monitored, and active feedback will be provided to improve the young people’s learning. Additionally, specialized sunflower seedbeds will be worked on in preparation for May 10th, when Mother’s Day will be celebrated.