Regarding World Recycling Day, celebrated last May 17, we want to share the story of Nel-Ange ST CYR, an agronomy student from one of our pilot universities, Quisqueya University in Haiti. She, at 24 years old, is positively impacting the environment with her VALPLAST initiative

Example of the brick made by VALPAST from
plastic waste in Haiti

The project consists of collecting plastic waste on the street and transforming it into building blocks for streets, sidewalks, boulevards, parking lots, among others.

“The initiative is installed in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the country, Cité Soleil. Cité Soleil is a normal Haitian community, albeit a poor one, if you walk through its immaculate streets and promenades during the day, you will see many friendly people and smiling children playing. But you will also see the clogging of the drainage channels of Port-au-Prince with waste from the highest parts of the city”, the creator mentions in one of her promotional materials.

Valplast has recycled more than 1,000 kg of plastic waste in two different cities in Haiti, as well as creating jobs and educating young people about the importance of recycling and waste management.

From the Transforming Higher Education project, we congratulate Nel-Ange and all the people involved in this initiative for valuing waste in a way that generates benefits for the community, both social and environmental.

To learn more about the initiative you can watch the following video or contact them at, you can also support them through their Go Fundme

Nel-Ange ST CYR, the student who created the