Following the goals projected by the Transforming Higher Education project, the Technological Institute of Higher Education of Calkiní, the Technological Institute of Conkal and the Technological Institute of Higher Education of Hopelchen each received M.Sc. Irmino Perera Díaz, professor at EARTH University, who offered a workshop aimed at value-based education for students.

Since one of the elements of success that the project promotes is a value-based educational system for creating ethical leaders and change agents, a workshop to train university leaders and faculty on the design of a systemic value-based educational program was carried out.  The focus at Conkal is in two majors: Engineering in Sustainable Agricultural Innovation and Industrial Engineering, while the focus at IT-Conkal and Technological Institute of Higher Education of Hopelchen is in the entire university. The members of the Technical Committee at each university of this project participated, as well as invited teachers.

The workshop sought to develop the framework for the creation of a systemic, value-based educational program centered on defined values by each university and structured learning scenarios for the purpose of educating professionals committed to ethical leadership.

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible!