UniLaSalle is a world-renowned higher education center, with areas of study focused on Earth, life, environment, energy and digital sciences.

The school consists of 4 campuses located in the north of France (Amiens, Beauvais, Rouen and Rennes). It has 3,800 students of which 1,700 are postgraduates. In its 167 years of history, they’ve reached 20,000 graduates.

Through its three student-centered educational areas (With and for youth, Together and by association, Empowered and committed students), the innovative educational model aims for students to be successful in their course and to make them capable to participate in the evolution of society.

Their vast experience has allowed the university to identify opportunities for the development of new teaching tactics that are consistent with the elements of the success of Transforming Higher Education, thus, they have developed a model called IES (Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Sense), which gives their students and graduates the feeling of commitment and the ability and motivation to go beyond oneself to reach others.

Ethical and value-based leadership: Promotion of Lasallian sense and values, including respect, commitment and a sense of community, urging students to practice service, teamwork and love for the environment.

Experiential learning: UniLaSalle is based on Learning by doing, ensuring that each student lives and actively participates in learning as a protagonist in the educational process.

University engagement with the community as part of the learning process: Involvement of all students and stakeholders in university life to create a unique learning culture through the Together by association area. It ensures that students are proactively interested in different ways of supporting each other and the community.

Entrepreneurial and business education: Development of enterprising and spirit of innovation to encourage creation within their internships or companies but also within the community in general.

Conflict resolution through dialogue: Learning process for conflict management through successful socialization and dialogue (group work, coexistence, and  leadership of associations, among others).

For more information on UniLaSalle and its education model, download the Une information.iLaSalle Case Study at Transforming Higher Education’s website and be sure to visit for more information.