What actions do our universities take to bolster recycling? In 2019, the Tecnológico Nacional in México decreed the 100% plastic-free initiative, in which each of the affiliated institutions would formalize a Declaration of Commitment, which would include the following:

  • Outreach activities.
  • Elimination of the purchase of products with single-use plastic content.
  • Commitment to evidence the initiative’s compliance.

The Higher Technological Institute of Hopelchén has been part of an external monitoring commission which oversees and provides recommendations to the Institutes recycling efforts since 2019. Additionally, they have communication campaigns to raise awareness about the initiative and have also managed to obtain material only from suppliers that offer alternatives to single-use plastics.

In the case of the Technological Institute of Conkal, the Environmental Management program was implemented internally, under the leadership of the Systems Engineer, Eric Jesús Gamboa Varguez. The main objective of the program is to promote and consolidate a culture of care and respect for the environment, where the student community, faculty and staff are active agents and promoters of the university’s commitment to the environment. The Comprehensive Environmental Management Program of the Technological Institute of Conkal includes the rational and effective use of water, rational and effective use of electricity, comprehensive management of urban solid waste and comprehensive management of hazardous waste.

The Higher Technological Institute of Calkiní installed water dispensers in all buildings, and did a campaign for all teaching staff, administrative staff, services, and students to avoid use single-use plastics. As well, they shared reusable water bottles to the entire body of the university to replace disposable bottles.

To date, the three institutions have fulfilled their commitment to be 100% free of single-use plastic.

Thank you for being an example for everyone!