Community Engagement in times of COVID 19: Is it Possible?

December 2 2020

Transforming Higher Education project, led by the American University of Beirut, in partnership with the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agriculture and Life Sciences (GCHERA), EARTH University and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, invites you to the webinar titled “Community Engagement in Times of COVID-19: Is it Possible?” featuring:

–          Dr. Julieta Mazzola, Technical Coordinator Community Development Program & Professor at EARTH University

–          Dr. Rabih Shibli, Director of the Center of Civic Engagement & Community Service at the American University of Beirut

–          Dr. Walter Odongo, Lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment of Gulu University in Uganda

–          Dr. Felipe Gonzalez & Dr. Gonzalo Quetz Aquire, Professors at the Technological Institute of Higher Education of Calkiní, State of Campeche, Mexico

Moderated by: Dr. Jim French, Transforming Higher Education Project Director

Topics of discussion:

–          Overview of community engagement & the experience in a service- learning course at EARTH University during COVID-19

–          Challenges and Lessons learned by the American University of Beirut, Gulu University in Uganda and the Technological Institute of Higher Education of Calkini in Mexico