International Forum for the Exchange of Experiences among Students of the Project Transforming Higher Education. “Volvamos al campo”

8-9 December 2021 The International Forum for the Exchange of Experiences between students of the Transforming Higher Education project, “Volvamos al campo” has the objective of integrating the experiences of the pilot universities of the project for transformation of higher education. The forum will include the participation of prominent professors from EARTH University, ECOSUR, CATIE, […]

University-community partnerships and student learning: global experiences

October 6, 2021 The webinar “University-community partnerships and student learning: global experiences” is looking to share experiences about different forms of University-Community Engagement, such as service-learning courses, participative or collaborative research, extension, and entrepreneurship, and to present the main student learning developed during those experiences. Panelists: Dr. Gael Pressoir, Quisqueya University, Haiti. Dr. Raquel Oclarit-Salingay, […]

Community Engagement in times of COVID 19: Is it Possible?

December 2 2020 Transforming Higher Education project, led by the American University of Beirut, in partnership with the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for Agriculture and Life Sciences (GCHERA), EARTH University and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, invites you to the webinar titled “Community Engagement in Times of COVID-19: Is it Possible?” featuring: –          Dr. […]

Experiential Learning in times of COVID

July 15-31 2020 2020_AUB_COVID-19 as a nudge for an educational overhaul.pdf ALES Winter 2020 Survey Task Force GCHERA.pdf Invitation-Experiential Learning Webinar.pdf Nov 5, 2020 Webinar-JMJamago, CMU-Philippines Final Pres.pdf

Experiential Learning in Agriculture Education

June 2 2020 A 90 minute session featuringExperiential learning experiences from leaders in this field. 2020-06-02-Daniel Sherrard EL.pdf 2020-06-02-Frank Robinson EL.pdf 2020-06-02-Saouma BouJaoude Experiential Learning.pdf 2020-06-02-Saouma BouJaoude notes.pdf 2020-06-02-Wattiaux-Learn-to-discuss-Discuss-to-Learn-for PDF.pdf Experiential Learning Webinar-June2 2020

The 10th GCHERA World Conference

October 28-29 2019 aThe 10th GCHERA Conference, held October 28-29 at Nanjing Agricultural University, focused on Transforming Higher Education. Speakers from 14 countries, working in academia and non-governmental organizations, presented their experiences and ideas relating to the need to change higher education, and how this can be accomplished. The full list of Conference presentations is below, […]

Experiences and advances in university transformation workshop

September 5-7 2019 The workshop on Experiences and Advances on University Transformation was set to share the commitment and advances to higher educational change among the project’s partners, as well as to strengthen and scale-up the transformation of higher education efforts globally in response to challenges of the 21st century. Find in this page a […]

EARTH Orientation and Global University Transformation workshop Feb 2019

February 4-6 2019 The Primary Goal of this workshop was to share and learn from innovative experiences from EARTH University and from across the GCHERA network as a means of stimulating university transformation processes.  The Secondary Goal was for interested GCHERA participating universities to make firm commitments to the project’s goals of university change.  Find in this page a list of the […]