The 10th GCHERA World Conference

October 28-29 2019

The 10th GCHERA Conference, held October 28-29 at Nanjing Agricultural University, focused on Transforming Higher Education. Speakers from 14 countries, working in academia and non-governmental organizations, presented their experiences and ideas relating to the need to change higher education, and how this can be accomplished.

The full list of Conference presentations is below, including links to the Powerpoints or videos where available.

Session I – The Case for Transformation, Moderator, John Kennelly, President GCHERA

  1. GCHERA partners with American University of Beirut, EARTH University and W.K Kellogg Foundation to launch Transforming Higher Education Project – John Kennelly
  2. Higher education institutions can change the world – the role of universities in producing ethical leaders – Jose Zaglul, Rector Emeritus, EARTH University. 
  3. Why the W.K Kellogg Foundation supported the Transforming Higher Education Project – La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  4. Soft Skills identified as weak link in graduates by industry and alumni – Doug Steele, Vice President APLU, USA
  5. NEXTFOOD – transition to participatory and action-based education – Martin Melin, Coordinator NEXTFOOD, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  6. University graduates are not well equipped to solve the challenges facing African Agriculture – Florence Nakayiwa, Deputy Executive Secretary, RUFORUM
  7. Sustainable Partnerships in Asia: Students’, Universities’ and Employers’ Perspectives – Petra Chaloupková, Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic
  8. Bridging the gap: human resource development key to moving from excellence in livestock research to development impacts – Iain Wright, Deputy Director General, ILRI

Session II– Sharing Best Practices in University Education, Moderator, Maggi Linington

  1. Preparing graduates to be leaders in solving global environmental challenges – Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University
  2. Impacting food and nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa: training next generation of plant breeders for a hungry, growing and changing world – Eric Danquah, University of Ghana
  3. Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions initiatives related to transforming university education – Martina Spisiakova, APAARI
  4. Student Engagement at LaSalle University – Philippe Choquet, President, LaSalle University
  5. Purdue University’s CATE Program – Karen Plaut, Dean of Agriculture, Purdue University
  6. Innovation in education at Chinese Universities – Liu Zhimin, Director, Institute of Higher Education, Nanjing Agricultural University
  7. Iowa State University Initiatives in transforming education – David Acker, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University
  8. Experiential Learning in the AAACU: Furthering the Horizons for Agriculture Education – Filma Calalo, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, UP Los Banos
  9. Transforming University Education: The role of Industry – Maurice Moloney, Venture Partner at Spruce Capital Partners, LLC

Session III– The W.K. Kellogg Funded Project on Transforming Higher Education, Moderator, David Acker, Iowa State University

  1. Overview of the Transforming Higher Education Project & Progress to Date – Roula Bachour, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences – Jim French, Project Director
  2. Leading education reform at American University of Beirut – Roula Bachour, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, American University of Beirut
  3. EARTH Education Model and the five key elements of success – Daniel Sherrard, Provost Emeritus, EARTH University
  4. Transformation taking root at the Technological Institute Superior of Calkini, Mexico – Mario Ben Hur Chuc Armendariz, Technological Institute Superior of Calkini
  5. EARTH University prepared me for success – testimonials from EARTH graduates: Forget Shareka (19 Zimbwabwe) y Lopez Fernando Bonda (20 Mozambique)

Session IV– GCHERA Member Associations Roundtable: Overcoming Barriers to Innovation in University Education

  1. Panel of delegates from GCHERA member associations discuss challenges faced by universities in implementing educational reform and examples of successfully overcoming those challenges.

Session V – World Café – Building a Global Network for Transforming University Education. Moderator, Jim French, Project Director

  1. Preaching to the Choir – Identifying and overcoming barriers to expanding the transformation project across the GCHERA university network
  2. Identifying funding sources to support the reform agenda
  3. Creating networks on experiential learning, entrepreneurship, community engagement and ethical and value based leadership
  4. Logistics and administrative support for the project